pine nuts and the full spectrum of human emotion

Back in September, one of my roommates had a dream that our time in Sitka was coming to an end. TV cameras were there to document the occasion (oh dream logic, how I love you). An interviewer pointed his mic at me and asked, “You just finished JVC—what are you going to do next?” I turned to the camera in my Packer jersey, raised my arms to the sky, and said, “I’m going to DISNEY WORLD!”

It didn’t take long at all for my roommates to know me.

Aww, look at us. We’re like lil’ October babies.

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rivers and roads

I’d like to start by acknowledging that my best friend from home is currently in Mexico, where the sun is shining on her shoulders and David Boreanaz’s abs. At the same time. In the same place. In the same pool. I don’t know why I’m friends with her; she’s always doing things like this—casually lounging in a pool in Mexico, five feet away from the actor whose shirtless photo has on multiple occasions been my laptop background (which made for some awkward moments last year when my computer crashed and I had to take it to BC Tech Support guys). I can’t compete with that. Nothing in my life seems cool anymore! This cute parade means nothing to me!

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may the odds be ever in your favor

My JV year began with a four-leaf clover.

It was the first night of orientation, and I found it in a field. I wasn’t even looking for it—I just glanced down to admire my new TOMS, and there it was: the first four-leaf clover I can ever remember finding. I wasn’t even this lucky during my four months in Ireland. The odds are in my favor!

(We’re going to forget temporarily that “the luck of the Irish” is an ironic phrase. My people have had it rough. I mean, remember the Disney Channel movie? That kid’s luck when WAY south when he found out he was Irish. But I’m pretty sure the ending was warm and fuzzy, so let’s focus on that. I think I AM lucky to be Irish, and I think that clover was an auspicious beginning to a great year.)

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This post—I feel I should apologize upfront—will not be particularly Alaskan. I know you’re all here for stories of shotguns and glaciers and bears (oh my), and when I encounter any of those things, I promise to write all about it. I’m also sorry to keep talking about football…I’m just not sorry enough to stop.

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it’s the most wonderful time of the year

It occurs to me that I haven’t told you anything about my work. Looking at this blog, you might think all I do is volunteer around town, climb mountains, and have TV marathons in blanket forts. And you’d mostly be right. But I do actually have a full-time JVC: Northwest placement, and I’ve been there 5 days a week since August, and I think maybe I should tell you about it. Continue reading