for here all are one

Marathon Monday isn’t like what you saw on the news. It’s one of those days when everything feels lighter. The whole city comes alive with things to celebrate: the runners, the Red Sox, the city, the way the sun feels on shoulders that spent all winter beneath a coat. But the best part of it is the names. Some people have countries or organizations on their shirts, but most have their names. The thing to do on Marathon Monday is to stand at mile 21 and call them out. Cheer people on. Sometimes they look back at you and smile, or look a little more determined, or thank you. It’s humbling. The smiles and the thank yous are all very humbling, because they’re the superhumans running 26.2 miles, and you’re the one standing there calling out a name. But what you’re doing is still important. That’s what Marathon Monday is about. If you’re not running the race, you stand by and support the ones who are. There’s always something good to do.

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brooklyn without limits

I’m back!

To fill you in on the last six months:

  • I rediscovered sunshine.
  • I went to Disney for dinner, like, weekly.
  • I stopped by New York for the election.
  • I stopped by San Francisco for brunch.
  • I stopped by Boston because it’s Boston.
  • The replacement refs found a permanent place on my Oh-No-Nos list.
  • I swooned harder at Aaron Rodgers than I have ever swooned at him before.
  • I took Kelsey to the beach on my birthday, aka the hottest day on record in the history of all Sarasota January days. All of them!
  • This happened at the Sitka Boys and Girls Club.
  • I missed Sitka.
  • I still miss Sitka.
  • I wondered why I left Sitka.
  • I realized that life looks bleakest when making and updating a LinkedIn profile.
  • I kept tabs on everyone who has a professional writing career despite a subpar grasp of grammar, and I secretly plotted their downfall.
  • Seriously though, plural words do not need apostrophes, Washington Post.
  • I started this TV blog for the writing samples, and then I realized that I was actually having fun.
  • I decided that I want to be a TV writer. I want to write TV shows. For a LIVING. Continue reading