for here all are one

Marathon Monday isn’t like what you saw on the news. It’s one of those days when everything feels lighter. The whole city comes alive with things to celebrate: the runners, the Red Sox, the city, the way the sun feels on shoulders that spent all winter beneath a coat. But the best part of it is the names. Some people have countries or organizations on their shirts, but most have their names. The thing to do on Marathon Monday is to stand at mile 21 and call them out. Cheer people on. Sometimes they look back at you and smile, or look a little more determined, or thank you. It’s humbling. The smiles and the thank yous are all very humbling, because they’re the superhumans running 26.2 miles, and you’re the one standing there calling out a name. But what you’re doing is still important. That’s what Marathon Monday is about. If you’re not running the race, you stand by and support the ones who are. There’s always something good to do.

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this new fad called blogging. or yogging–it might be a soft b.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my little travelblog, created in honor of my shiny new post-grad adventures. In case you haven’t heard, I’ll be volunteering in Sitka, Alaska, this year through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Yes, Sitka, like in The Proposal. Please watch it all the time in my honor, because I’m secretly convinced that this movie is my life (cute dogs, mountains, the publishing industry, Sitka, coastal Massachusetts, outfits ripped right out of a J. Crew catalog, and Ryan Reynolds, the world’s most beautiful Packer fan). Anyway, I’ve gotten a few requests for a blog, and may I just say: you don’t know what you’re getting yourselves into. I can ramble with the best of them. In all seriousness, though, THANK YOU. Thank you so much for taking a genuine interest in my trip; it’s really humbling and encouraging for me.

this is Sitka!

The way I see it, if you’d be willing to read about my experiences, I can definitely make the time to write about them. I have no idea how often I’ll have internet access, but I’ll post as often as I can (and hopefully include some very pretty pictures, so as to make you super jealous). I’ll try to make it worth your while. And again…thanks for reading 🙂

Much love,


PS. I might not get frequent internet access, but I will definitely have a LOT of time to write letters, so if you’d like to write, I’d be happy to give you my address. I can absolutely guarantee a response.