brooklyn without limits

I’m back!

To fill you in on the last six months:

  • I rediscovered sunshine.
  • I went to Disney for dinner, like, weekly.
  • I stopped by New York for the election.
  • I stopped by San Francisco for brunch.
  • I stopped by Boston because it’s Boston.
  • The replacement refs found a permanent place on my Oh-No-Nos list.
  • I swooned harder at Aaron Rodgers than I have ever swooned at him before.
  • I took Kelsey to the beach on my birthday, aka the hottest day on record in the history of all Sarasota January days. All of them!
  • This happened at the Sitka Boys and Girls Club.
  • I missed Sitka.
  • I still miss Sitka.
  • I wondered why I left Sitka.
  • I realized that life looks bleakest when making and updating a LinkedIn profile.
  • I kept tabs on everyone who has a professional writing career despite a subpar grasp of grammar, and I secretly plotted their downfall.
  • Seriously though, plural words do not need apostrophes, Washington Post.
  • I started this TV blog for the writing samples, and then I realized that I was actually having fun.
  • I decided that I want to be a TV writer. I want to write TV shows. For a LIVING. Continue reading